Family Confidential Podcast: Secrets of Successful Parenting — Parenting Advice with Annie Fox, M.Ed.
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We all want a close relationship with our children, but we make a huge mistake when we assume the way to get it is by becoming their friend instead of their parent. Annie talks with internationally respected parenting coach Sue Atkins about ways to have a loving parent-child bond while continuing to provide the discipline they need to grow into responsible young adults.

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About Sue Atkins

Sue Atkins is a parenting expert and coach, a writer, speaker, broadcaster, and a mum. She is passionate about “… making life with children easier and more rewarding, and I am extremely enthusiastic about helping you to bring up happy, confident, well-behaved kids.” Sue’s books include Parenting Made Easy – How to Raise Happy Children and Raising Happy Children for Dummies one in the famous black and yellow series as well as the author of the highly acclaimed Parenting Made Easy MP3s and workbooks. Learn more at

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