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There are times when it is very difficult to empathize with another person. Those times include feeling frustrated with our children. But difficult as those situations may be for parents, clinical psychologist Anne Paris suggests we would do well to “step back, take a break, ask someone else to intervene…” because that’s the best way to get our emotions under control so that we can, afterwards, model an empathetic response. That’s how we teach our kids to do the same. Annie talks with Anne about the empathy response and about The Empathy Way, Dr. Paris’ delightful new series of children’s books which features the remarkable wildlife photography of Marian Brickner.

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About Anne Paris (@ImmerseWithAnne)

Anne Paris, PhD, is a clinical psychologist and author in private practice in Cincinnati, Ohio. She has practiced psychotherapy for over 25 years, and has specialized in working with artists, trauma victims, couples, and parents. In addition, Dr. Paris co-founded the Cincinnati Center for Self Psychology, a training/educational institute for mental health professionals in the theory and practice of Self Psychology Theory. Her children book series, The Empathy Way, (produced in collaboration with animal behavior photographer Marian Brickner) helps children understand that empathy is the key to forming healthy relationships and resolving problems like bullying. Learn more at and

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