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Parents have obsessed over what goes into their kids’ mouths since the dawn of dinner time. And for good reason. If your kid doesn’t eat s/he won’t thrive or even survive. Lack of food is a real problem in many underdeveloped countries. Food distribution is also a real problem in countries where some families starve while others have access to more than enough quality food for their families. It’s probably safe to assume that most of us with the resources to access this podcast are fortunate enough to have the resources to provide food in abundance to our families. And yet we still obsess. According to mental healthy professional and parenting expert Iréné Celcer, all this obsessing isn’t healthy for the child or the parent. She says, “A successful parent gets out of his or her child’s plate and allows children to eat according to the child’s hunger. The successful parent does not impinge on the child’s sense of being hungry.” Annie talks with Iréne about stepping back and letting your child develop their own sense of what it feels like to be hungry and how to satisfy that hunger with healthy amounts of healthy food.

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About Iréné Celcer (@irenecelcer )

Iréné Celcer, MA, LCSW, is originally from Argentina. A mental health professional and parenting expert, her specialities  include cultural issues that may affect individuals who need to adapt to their new country. Iréne works with parents whose children are affected by ADD, bullying, eating problems, or body image issues. A regular guest on CNN, she has extensive expertise in eating disorders, body image perceptions, and women’s issues. She is the author of 99 Tips to Reset the Table: Parenting in a Society Obsessed with Food, Weight, Obesity, and Body Image. In addition to her writing and philanthropic work, she maintains a private practice. Iréné Celcer lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia. Learn more at

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  1. Lisa C. says:

    I love this. I think “clean your plate” is one of the worst lies we’ve ever been told. Maybe when people were starving during the Depression that was important, but our plates are overflowing these days and so many people apparently have no ability to stop eating! Parents pass on these behaviors rampantly and I’ve never heard anyone, except yourselves, say any differently. “Clean your plate whether you’re hungry or not” needs to go away.

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