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Children may lie for many reasons. Today’s guest, Thierry Koehrlen, says his career as a “big liar” began when he was a child with low self-esteem. “We didn’t have much money so when kids bragged I bragged more about going to this place and having these toys. It’s just fantasy and then you have to cover your lies. And you’re trapped in hell.” Annie talks with Thierry about his new book On the Road to Honesty, a unique and dynamic approach that helps kids think through their choices.

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About Thierry Koehrlen (@OnRoadToHonesty)

Thierry Koehrlen is a seasoned, serial entrepreneur who has learned a great deal from his successes and even more from a couple of his well-placed failures. With bachelor’s degrees in business and philosophy, he is the inventor and co-author of the upcoming On the Road to Honesty, an innovative guide to help explain and teach to children and parents the concepts of truth, lies, dishonesty, honesty, and trust and their impact on our lives. Learn more at

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