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People on social media give themselves license to be incredibly rude to others. And this is the playground our kids hang out in every day. While we can’t control what comes out of someone else’s mouth (or keyboard), we definitely can learn to monitor what comes out of our own. When we respond to insults with insults, conflicts escalate. To teach people to respond more maturely to criticism, Dr. Jeff Rubin has delineated five different response levels, from most immature to the most respected. “There is something intuitive about this (process),” he says. “Because people would prefer to be treated that way themselves.” Annie talks to Dr. Jeff about teaching kids, even teens, to move from insults to respect.

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About Dr. Jeff Rubin (@JeffreyRubin3)

Jeffrey Rubin grew up in Brooklyn, received his PhD from the University of Minnesota and has taught conflict resolution there as well as at a psychiatric clinic, a correctional facility, and a number of public schools. He has published articles on anger and conflict resolution. His books include the Cool Steve trilogy, a series of novels, as well as the free ebook Dealing with Insults, Teasing and Criticism: A Guide Illustrated with America’s Favorite Comics. Learn more at

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