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Bullying is a learned behavior, and we want the perpetrators to unlearn it as quickly as possible. But what and how can targeted kids teach the aggressor? Obviously, if a child is being harassed, he or she needs to tell somebody. But who should kids turn to for help? According to anti-bully activist Tammy Motola, “More than three million kids are bullied at school each year, but only four percent of teachers intervene while that’s taking place.” Why so few? Is it because “kids will be kids” and according to many adults, bullying is a “rite of passage”? Annie talks with Tammy about the current state of bullying in schools and what we can do to help our kids.

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About Tammy Motola (@tmotola)

Tammy Motola is passionate about healthcare and has a background in nursing and behavioral health. Her desire to help others is evident in her advocacy work across the country and other parts of the world where she speaks frequently about bullying and the effects. She is the founder of Rezilir Health, a healthcare group that is creating resilient health communities by focusing on everything from nutrition to the environment which impacts our health and overall wellbeing. She is the proud mother of four grown children. Learn more at

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