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We label people we don’t understand. We label people we fear. We label people we have written off as not being worthy of our time or friendship. Labeling people makes them easier to hate. Labeling people can trick us into believing that our hate is justified. The Diversity Center of Northeastern Ohio is a human relations organization dedicated to eliminating bias, bigotry, and racism. Today’s podcast is about The Center and its new film, #RethinkLabels, which brings more awareness to the way we use labels to describe other people.

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Please watch the powerful, 4 minute #RethinkLabels film produced by Goldfarb Weber Creative Media for The Diversity Center.

Share it with your children. Discuss it. Listen to what your kids have to say about labels. Have a look at a two-day lesson plan for reducing bias and stereotypes in the classroom. Together we can help build communities where all people are connected, respected, and valued.

About The Diversity Center (@Diversity_NEO)

The Diversity Center’s story beings in 1927, when leaders from different faiths met in Cleveland in response to organized campaigns of hatred spreading across America. Today, through ongoing programs for young people and adults, it carries out its mission to build communities where all people are connected, respected, and valued.

Annie speaks with Tony Weber, CEO of Goldfarb Weber Creative Media, about the making of #ReThinkLabels and the role we all have in making our communities more equitable places for everyone. Learn more at The Diversity Center of Northeast Ohio –

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