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Middle school social interactions are often a series of very quick, very short conversations, taking place amidst a chaotic backdrop. If you’re a kid with learning and attention issues who may not be able to read social cues well or find the right words for a quick response, you might find yourself in a fast-moving world where other kids don’t respond to you in positive ways. “It’s heart-breaking,” says learning specialist Mark Griffin, “to watch a kid who really wants to be part of a group and that group is simply not willing to take him in.” Annie talks with Mark about ways parents and schools can help kids with learning and/or attention issues build social skills.

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About Mark Griffin

Mark Griffin, Ph.D., has been a professional in the field of learning disabilities for over 40 years. He was the founding headmaster of Eagle Hill School, a boarding and day school for children with specific learning disabilities in Greenwich, Connecticut, from 1975–2009.

Griffin is a member of the executive committee, board of directors and professional advisory board of the National Center for Learning Disabilities. He consults with foundations, parents and independent and public schools concerning various aspects of learning disabilities, school management and appropriate programming strategies for children with learning disabilities and attention issues. He also works closely with, online resources for children with learning and attention issues. Learn more at Learn more at


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