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Given reasonable accommodations, kids who are deaf, hard of hearing, and/or on the autism spectrum can succeed beautifully in mainstream classrooms. When those accommodations are handled in a respectful, “no big deal” way, kids are more likely to feel the warmth of inclusion from teachers and peers. That’s going to greatly benefit the children with special needs as well as their classmates. Annie talks with school psychologist Louise Masin Sattler about inclusive classrooms and how to get there with practical back-to-school tips for parents and teachers.

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About Louise Masin Sattler

Louise Sattler, NCSP (Nationally Certified School Psychologist) is a nationally respected educational consultant who melds her passion for ASL (American Sign Language), special education, disaster preparedness, and social media. Louise is also the owner of Signing Families™, an Expert Contributor to the JustAsk! Forum on, and a founding member of the 411Voices media network. She blogs at Where Learning Meets Laughter. Learn more at and

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