Family Confidential Podcast: Secrets of Successful Parenting — Parenting Advice with Annie Fox, M.Ed.
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Young children have a hard time talking about emotions because we can’t see our feelings. When we teach kids about shapes, for example, we can point to physical objects and name them and touch them. They begin to understand concepts like “circle” and “square” and recognize them on sight. But feelings just “emerge from within,” says, clinical psychologist, Dr. Beth Onufrak. “Like a volcano or a tsunami. So it’s difficult for young children to put words to those feelings.” Annie talks with Dr. Beth about practical tips for supporting the emotional development of young children without yelling, so they can thrive.

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About Dr. Beth Onufrak

Beth Onufrak, a Clinical Child Psychologist, focuses her work on the critical preschool and primary years (ages 3-8), where she specializes in early childhood mental health.

Along with her clinical practice, Dr. Beth offers variety of parent workshops and seminars. She also blogs at A Child in Mind. Learn more at

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