Family Confidential Podcast: Secrets of Successful Parenting — Parenting Advice with Annie Fox, M.Ed.
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Which style of parenting best describes you? Reactive or reflective? When we do the knee-jerk reactive thing all the time, we are not as likely to respond appropriately to our children. But when we take the time to develop a reflective approach, we are better able to learn from our parenting mis-steps as well as our parenting successes. Annie talks to Dr. Amy Alamar about her new book, Parenting for the Genius: Developing Confidence in Your Parenting Through Reflective Practice

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About Amy Alamar

Amy Alamar, EdD, has been working and researching in the field of education as a teacher, teacher educator, researcher, and reformer for over fifteen years, with a focus on underresourced students, literacy, curriculum design, and constructivist education. She has also done additional research in the areas of utilization of multimedia in education and student stress. In her role as an educator, Amy has been in classrooms ranging from elementary all the way through higher education. Her latest book, Parenting for the Genius, offers sound and productive advice based on research, professional experience, and personal practice. Learn more at

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