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Why is school bullying such a persistent problem? After all, we’ve had many high-profile cases in which students’ unrelentingly mean-spiritied behavior toward other students has caused targeted kids to commit suicide in desperation. We’ve had national summits on bullying prevention and endless conversation on local levels. And yet, according to current statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and US Department of Education, the problem is as bad, if not worse, than ever. Annie talks to anti-bullying activist, J Richard Knapp about the impact of bullying on students and schools and what parents and educators can do to prevent problems rather than simply reacting to them after the fact.

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About J Richard Knapp (@JRichardKnapp)

J Richard Knapp is a seasoned educator, author of books for kids and young adults, and  CEO and Founder of His career has spanned nearly four decades as an elementary teacher, principal, university adjunct graduate school instructor, state and national leader in education, and trailblazer in bully prevention. J Richard worked on Oregon’s State Bullying Prevention law. His presentations provide bullying prevention strategies based on common sense approaches and research. Learn more at

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