Family Confidential Podcast: Secrets of Successful Parenting — Parenting Advice with Annie Fox, M.Ed.
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We know that kids learn by making mistakes, but we’re not always comfortable with that reality. As author and educator Tyler Durman puts it, “The way we react to our kids’ mistakes really tells them (whether) they are safe to come to us with their imperfections or not. And also our own vulnerability and our willingness to say we’re sorry when we’ve blown it… to invite them into our (personal) journey and the things we (as adults) are working on.” Annie talks with Tyler about how life is a journey that includes failure and how we, as parents, can ease off from pressuring our kids to be “perfect” and, instead, help them use mistakes to make progress.

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About Tyler Durman (@tylerdurman)

During the last 24 years, Tyler Durman, speaker, author and former teacher, has had 1000’s of one-on-one conversations where students have confided things they’ve never told anyone. This has given him a unique window into their lives. Author of Counter Intuitive: What 4 Million Teenagers Wish We Knew, Tyler is sought after by schools and conferences who want to help students make better choices by caring for each other and becoming positive leaders. Learn more at

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