Family Confidential Podcast: Secrets of Successful Parenting — Parenting Advice with Annie Fox, M.Ed.
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Are 21st Century Dads really all that different from 20th century dads? According to parent coach Aaron Schiller, “Today’s dads around the world are changing more diapers than ever before.” A welcome change, for sure, but in what other ways are dads stepping into a more prominent role in the lives of their sons and daughters? Annie talks with Aaron about helping dads transition into a hands-on relationship with their children, especially if they themselves had a mostly “hands-off” kind of father growing up.

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About Aaron Schiller (@CoachSchiller)

Aaron Schiller coaches and counsels kids and parents who are struggling, like so many of us do–with divorce, school, behavior, a crisis, a big change, or even just feeling disconnected from each other, and he’s developed an in-home, whole family model that reaches kids and adults where they live. Aaron has more than fifteen years of experience working with young people as a former Special Education Teacher, Group Home Counselor and Youth Sports Coach. He is also the founder of the Mindful Father Experience, a training designed to support dads in their journey to be more involved, patient, accepting, and loving parents. Learn more about Aaron and his work at

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