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Most educators want nothing more than a positive school environment where all students feel respected and accepted. And yet, there are daily challenges to creating and maintaining such an environment. Dr. Jennifer Freed takes that challenge directly to students. “We decided the best way to improve climate of schools and communities was to empower teenagers themselves to be the leaders of climate and community, and we developed a training that teaches them, for example, how to intervene in bullying situations with humor and curiosity instead of hate.” Annie talks with Jennifer about training teens to be peace builders.

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About Jennifer Freed (@DrJenFreed)

Jennifer Freed, PhD, has worked with teenagers for more than thirty years. She is the co-founder/director of the highly successful teen program called AHA! (established in 1999 as a response to the Columbine massacre). AHA! serves more than 5000 families annually in California as it creates positive attitudes, social harmony, and bridges the achievement gap. Dr. Freed’s books include the educational series “Become Your Best Self” as well as  “The AHA! Method”  as part of her efforts to bring outstanding social and emotional learning curriculum to teens and their families. Learn more at

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